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UniSoftWorld is designing, developing  and deploying customized application for the business  need.  Application designing, Developing and Deploying requires a team of well trained and professional programmers.

UniSoftWorld have a team of skilled developers that are experts in the technology of their respective industry experience with providing high-quality Application Development Services.


Web-Based Application Development Services

In the case of specific requirement about Web-based applications is that we should perform consistently well on all web browsers if you want to achieve widespread success and adoption by users. Keeping this in mind our priority is to provide clean, organized back ends and scalable, dynamic front ends while designing and deploying

There is an ever-increasing need for web-based applications capable of running on mobile platforms with full features as well and we got the required expertise and technology for that.

Mobile Application Development Services

We offer development services for enterprise-level Mobile applications that are highly scalable. We develop applications for both Android and IOS Mobile operating systems and these applications are rich in features. When it comes to Hybrid and Cross-Platform Applications we harness the power of tools like Xamarin, Ionic and React Native.

This helps us to make sure that our application will provide consistent Interface and functionality across all supported platforms. We got the expertise and technology, it’s up to you and your organization needs which type of application you want to develop.


Multi-Platform Desktop Applications

Our application development company successfully develops applications for all major Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and MacOS. We develop OS-optimized applications as well as powerful cross-platform applications for all Operating Systems already mentioned. Our highly optimized desktop Applications harness the full Computing power of the system they are running on, providing enhanced graphics, better performance and security standards that you can rely on.Nowadays an increasing number of applications support multiple platforms and that calls for other businesses to also develop such applications that support multiple platforms and operating systems so that they are accessible anywhere without constraints.

Application Programming Expertise

Your Enterprise may require a custom built Application to promote Business, to provide users with a unique experience or simply for internal processes. No matter what the purpose is we got the experience to develop such applications for you.

We got the team of coders and programmers who are highly capable of working with back-end languages like PHP, Java, .NET, and Ruby as well as with front-end languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Our team of experts also know their way around with Database Management systems like Microsoft SQL, IBM, Db2, and MySQL, MongoDB.


Project Details

An E-commerce interactive website, Custom page design with CMS dashboard Admin dashboard view of order list and customer details, Admin dashboard for Google analytics Landing page: Mouse scroll video Home Page (Static), Product Listing, Product View, Product customization option, Order product , View list, About page (Static), Services Page, Payment / Cart / Courier API Integration

Application would be compatible with all type of mobile and web browsers. Responsive design with all resolution display.

Situation analysis

  • Current Target Market
  • Current Distribution network
  • Company Products and services
  • Current Competitors
  • Competitor’s strengths and weakness
  • Current stock & Inventory system

Business Planning & Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy
    A. Marketing Strategy
    B. Tactical Marketing Programs-4P-(Products, price, Place and Promotion)
    C. Distributions and Services offered
    4. Create over all online/ ecommerce business process
    A. Site map and wire frame creation(architect of the website)
    B. Content Development
    C. Design User Accounts all process
    D. Planning for admin and super admin role
    E. Website Frontend Design and development
    F. *Website Back-end Design and Development
    G. Current Billing/invoicing/inventory Design
    H. Shipping and Payment gateway Integration with website
    I. Reseller Products premium priority
    5. Data Security-Backup, server management
    6. Customer Programs
    A. Create Discount, coupon, today offer, day of sales, new products and new
    procedure dynamically for consumers and resellers
    B. Create blog, article, knowledge and awareness for consumers for better and
    8. Site Testing with all devices


UNISOFTWORLD is extremely experienced in building a wide array of Business Ecommerce Website, increase sales of products, and this ecommerce website for brands around the world. Our focus on effective design, cutting-edge technology, and cost- effectiveness throughout our development process makes us a great choice for brands looking to leverage responsive and mobile friendly technology.

At UNISOFTWORLD, we take pride in developing custom Ecommerce Application on your domain with B2C & B2B Concepts and clients that leverage mobile technology to encourage productivity, brand engagement, and increase sales. In this proposal, I will outline our thoughts on how to best proceed with your website design and development. Regards, RajnishTripathi UNISOFTWORLD 7982063116

B2C: Business to Consumer Eommerce – Buyer Platform
1. Companies sell to consumers
2. Retail pricing gross tax model
3. Payment and shipping standard
4. Business branding
5. Search and buy
6. Traditional retailers–multi-channel-Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, get
price, Google my business registration, pinterest, Instagram is important
7. Social media is important
Business Success:
using other tools Mobile commerce, micro site, face book commerce, sales and marketing
*Back-end Application for management:
1. Storefront-ware housings stock uploading on front, or dealing with packaging, product
share, product fragmentation,
2. Ware housing:-you need to manage inventory and stock, keep track of customer orders
and shipping information, and invest in the ware houses pace itself. key strategy for
3. User Account Services
4. Offline and Online Inventory/Backup management
5. Server Backup management
Ideally, a SMART Objective is:
 Specific
 Measurable
 Achievable
 Realistic
 Time-bound

The list below describes the sequence of actions taking place during the return process.
1. Visitor can order an item through Website
2. Website gains Company authorization, if required, and alerts the Company about what is
order for return and why
3. Company tries to save the sale by offering are placement or other products.
4. Visitor of website makes a new purchase, unless refund is demanded
5. Web site generates are turn label for the returning item
6. Company website appears again to offer new products to the consumer
7. Visitor makes a new purchase
8. Visitor hips back the returning item
9. Shipping company delivers the item to the Company
10. Consumer buys more from the Company knowing that the return process is easy and troublefree.
Phase Work
● Wire framing/Mockups design & approval
● UI/UX design & approval
● Back end server setup
● Base- e-commerce system development (orders, product
pages, cart, checkout & payments)
● Admin portal
● Base e-commerce system development (orders, product
pages, cart, checkout & payments) -contd.
● Admin portal
● B2C products-commerce clients ‘portal
Testing &
Deployment ● Final testing and making the application live

No. Module Descriptions Time
B2C – Business to
1. Phase I –
2. Phase 2 –
Products sales to consumer
through ecommerce website,
payment received, product
delivery management,
Business Promote online
Phase I – 30
Phase 2- 90
required third
party api
integrations, Social
Media Integrations
Delivery Time Table
Description of Work Started End Dates
Module-I, Phase – I Website Development website
Add Products and information of the company
30 Days
Module-1, Phase -2 Digital marketing 90 days – Annexure- A
S. No. Description of Work Unit
Qty Total Cost
1 Products based Ecommerce Website Design &
Development with WordPress (PHP, HTML and CSS
Technology) including website template Themes and
Plugging charges One time 50 products and Category Add
Including High level hosting (Shared hosting) -Annual
includes SSL Certificate and Integration and Domain charges
for one year
50,000 1 50,000
2 Social Media Channel Create and integrate with website
provide you as a complementary services
0 6 0
Total Amount 50,000
GST 18% 9,000
Total Net Amount for Website
Development including Domain &
Hosting with GST
Note: GST Amount always can claim for refund anywhere in India.

Digital Marketing
A. Free Source Used
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Website Audit, Competitor Analysis,
Traffic Analysis, Google Analytics, Onsite, Offsite Link submission, Mailing &
2. Social Media Marketing (SMO):-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube
3. Content Marketing -Article, Blog submission
Note: Tools and data would be chargeable
B. Paid Source Used
4. Google Aids
5. Pay Per Click(PPC)
6. Paid Media(Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter)Marketing
Search Engine Optimization Services Include
1. Website Audit & Page Optimization
2. Key word Research
3. Content Optimization
4. Conversion Rate Optimization
5. Content Creation
6. Rank Monitoring & Reporting
7. Competitor Audit
8. Link Analysis
9. Content Marketing
10. Website Speed Optimization
11. Website Design Improvement
12. Link Building Services
When it comes to choose a PPC package, there are few things that decide the cost:
1. Landing Page Creation
2. Number Of Keywords
3. Number Of Campaigns
4. Conversion Rate Optimization
6. Quality of Ads
7. Re-marketing
8. Type of Ads
9. Our Monthly Google Ads Management Packages
10. Cost of our PPC Marketing Packages? Rank On has primarily three PPC packages for its clients– charges Rs.10000 + GST (18%) per month excluding Google charges