Social Networking Solutions?

Enterprise social networking solutions have successfully extended the community-oriented dynamic approach of social networking to the corporate environment. Such business applications garner collaboration and cross cultural communication across the organization and enhance employee productivity and efficiency. Generally deployed over corporate Intranet, enterprise social applications ensemble the functionalities of famous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with enterprise-standard security, delivery model options and data analysis.

Need for Social Networking Software Solutions

Social media has turned over the communication landscape completely. By using revolutionary tools for creating personal and business networks around the world quickly, social platforms have stitched the world together into a global village. The way of doing business today is tremendously impacted by online conversations and people sharing similar interests like contacts, place of work, interests, beliefs, location, values etc.. Not only communications, social networks have also impacted Information Technology industry by providing reason, revenue and a rapidly growing network.

Key features of Enterprise Social Networking Solutions

  • Networking connections by establishing links between user profiles
  • User profiles based on roles
  • Community tools such as discussion forums, blogs, wikis
  • Real time Streaming for events
  • Analytics such as locating of experts
  • Cloud-based and on-premises delivery or via an appliance

A few important use cases for social networking solutions include social networking within a business for the purpose of expert search, collaboration for knowledge exchange, enterprise-wide communication, personal information management and more effective project management