How to Effective Digital Marketing

Which method is more effective ?

Now we discuss about the Digital Marketing methods and which method is more effective.

  1. SEO – (Search Engine Optimization)

This is the best Digital Marketing Method in the quality of leads except for a paid lead. SEO leads are organic leads that you will get when increasing the ranking of your website with your business keywords.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

SEO leads is very different from PPC (Pay per Click) Leads.  I assure you that you can increase your business from SEO. Client search keywords of the requirements on Google and if your products or business services related to client search products and services then definitely you have the opportunity to get the chances of business leads. For SEO your business services or products budget can be minimum of Rs.10000 to 50000 and the time should be at least 6 months.

if you are not doing SEO then you miss the best marketing advantages. You should take advantage of SEO.

  1. SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Maybe you have tried Facebook ads, It is possible you wasted some amount there in Facebook ads but if you are using Facebook and appointed a digital marketing expert then possible to get a good quality of business leads. Social media leads not converted more than 10%  but with this technique, the cost is very low. you can keep your budget in social media ads from Rs.5000 to 10000. this can easily convert 100 leads means you should get a minimum of 10 clients in your business but it depends on products and services. but ads should be work in a professional way under the control of a Digital Marketing Expert.

  1. PPC ( Pay Per Click)

Paying money per click is a slightly expensive marketing method to generate leads. If you have big pocket and huge budget then it is good technology but it is very expensive for small business and startup. It’s budget depends on bidding rate of the day but generally Paying 150 to 500 rupees for a simple click on your website through Google or any search engine is very expensive. If the conversion ratio of PPC leads is not high then 25% which means that 75% of the budget you are putting to generate business leads will go in vain. If the price of your product or service is very high, then you can use it like – you do a business of old car, or you are a doctor of a particular disease etc. We suggest for those who want to get quick leads who can’t wait for 6 months in SEO then try but the best way to do SEO in together because after 6 months they don’t have need to go in PPC.

  • Re-marketing Ads

For those who are running an eCommerce store, lifestyle business, local service provider or some personalized service startup, re-marketing can be the best technique to increase your sales. These are the most accurate techniques to reach your right customer and require a slightly higher budget than PPC, but leads are 40% more likely to convert to a business. If you have a good sleep ranking and use this technique then your chances of success will be very high. This alone will work well but if it is done with SEO it can generate a good business.

  • Third Party Media Ads

This technique is mostly used by big businesses because it requires large budget. However if your digital marketing expert makes smart purchases, you can get a good business with less investment. Buying third party media is an art and requires a great deal of marketing and customer understanding experience.

  • Influencing Marketing:

This marketing technique is more prone to fraud as every other person on the Internet claims to be influencer (influential), with some numbers on social media. A person walking in a restaurant and eating a free meal cannot be an influencer at all. The skills to impress and most importantly understand your brand. For example, I am eating for free in a restaurant and my audience knows that I have done this before and am saying that the food here is delicious, no one will believe it. You know that trust is an essential element of lead conversion. So choosing the right influencer is important!

  • Affiliate Marketing

This marketing technique requires a lot of research. If you have the right platform and the person you are marketing to has a grasp on the subject, then he can help you. However there is less risk in this technique because you have to pay commission on the sale

  • Cross Brand Promotions

I have used this marketing technique for my clients and mapped them to each other. You will not believe that the results are pleasant. This can be achieved if you have the right person or digital marketing agency for your brand promotion. You need customers of the same type with different business interests. For example, a cake shop and a flower shop can be a customer! The person who is buying the cake may also have to buy flowers! These marketing techniques are not digital but can be used.

  • Value Added

Value Added Webinars – If you increase the information on people related to the product or service by doing free webinars, then you can use it in your marketing too!

  1. Email Marketing:

If you constantly email your customers and other concerned people then you can take advantage of being in regular contact with them! Although it is a very old method, yet it is very effective for some business! This marketing technique also costs less

I hope that today’s information will prove to be very useful for your business, if you need any kind of help, you can contact us.

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