Net4India has now discontinued all the services, it is Indian large domain registration, website, and mail hosting company.

If you want to buy a domain for your business, then you have to be careful to choose a domain and hosting registration company because there are some companies where you cannot trust. You need to find out the latest information about domains and hosting. There are many companies available across the world for domain and hosting registration, net4india is one of them. was controlling around 3,75000 domains, 1,50,000 corporate mail and websites.

These things are very big and need to be understood because if your business depends on digital equipment then you need to know more. Today I would like to share a story of my client, they continued the above services for around 8/9 years, which means their business was dependent on that domain. They are facing problems of hosting & mailing for a very long time ( 6 months) because when they are facing the issue that time we try to connect on phone/customer care, mails, and on the chat boat but all the communication has been discontinued even we try to support on the website but we did not get solutions and unable to connect their technical support, we try to find out one ladies but after some time we get the information just she tries to switch in another company, because she has been left the company net4india and just joined another company so try to switch in the new company after some time, we defeated in this fight and finally, we decide to switch the company then now we feel relaxed and business is going smooth. this is one story but I know more than 10 clients carrying the domain and hosting from net4india.

Rajnish Tripathi